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Welcome to our free craps download center. Here, you can download craps games that have the look and feel, almost as though you were at a live casino in Vegas. The 'Virtual Vegas' craps experience is pretty hard to find on the Net, so click the link below to bookmark this page for future reference.

Awesome Craps 1.1.2   Download Awesomecraps.hqx
Publisher: unknown
Platform: Mac OS
Size: 371K
Review: This Craps game is for the Macintosh platform, so you apple lovers out there can enjoy a decent craps game too. I have unfortunately been unable to review this game as I do not presently have access to a Mac.
Casino Craps 1.9   Download Casinocraps19.exe
Publisher: Ernie Menelli Software
Cost: ShareWare - $15.00
Platform: Windows
Size: 765K
Review: This game stands by the motto: a dice game that teaches and entertains. It has all the standard features of a real craps table, including On the Hop Bets. Allows 15 plays before you are required to pay the registration fee. The author is an actual craps player; this is the eighth version of his PC version of the game.
CasinoCraps 1.02   Download
Publisher: unknown
Platform: PalmOS
Cost: ShareWare - $12.00
Review: This palm software is a great example portable craps play. The long list of features include definable min/max bet, odds, starting bankrolls, variable totals, and lots of handy one touch commands for things like clearing all bets.
CT Craps   Download
Publisher: CT Software (
Cost: ShareWare - $10
Platform: Windows 3.X
Size: 122K
Review: CT Software's version of craps contains two play modes of this popular dice game. The first one, Against Each Other, is a back-alley game pitting player against player. Against The House is a full-blown casino production of the game, with different side-bet options available. Features include a simple point and click interface and original sounds. This version supports one or two players. Unfortunately this is an older game and is supported for earlier versions of windows. You may be able to play this game in Windows 9x, but no guarantee.
PCraps 1.0   Download
Publisher: Unknown
Cost: FreeWare
Platform: PalmOS
Review: pCraps is a game of Craps designed to run under AppForge in Palm OS. It requires Palm OS v3.1 and AppForge Booster - Features include: a user database, statistics tracking (which is a neat and handy feature), variable even odds, & table options.
Triple Win Craps and more   Download TripleWin.exe
Publisher: Triple Win Casino (
Platform: Windows
Cost: FreeWare
Size: 13MB
Review: This software also contains a blackjack and slots game, along with options to download roulette and forty-some other casino games. The craps game is very professionally done, with unlimited free play. The software is free because you can place a real bet if you want to.
WinCraps 4.5   Download wincraps45.exe
Publisher: Cloud City Software
Cost: unknown
Platform: Windows 3.X
Size: 1.1MB
Review: Attempting to be more than just a 'craps sim' for practice purposes, wincrap's takes computer craps to a new level. WinCraps allows you to manipulate every variable through an array of configurable and automatic features. For example, you can set up your own betting schemes for automatic play and let them run for millions of rolls. Graphs, charts, and tables will keep track of your gambling, and a comprehensive help file will guide you. This help file is great for beginners, but WinCraps is also highly configurable for advanced players. Version 4.0 adds options to choose from four different random number generators.

The materials, links, downloads and other information contained within the pages of this web site should definitely provide you with the tools to fully enjoy and win at the game of craps - both online craps and the actual casino craps.

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