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Welcome to - So you've found us! Chances are you're interested in the game of craps, and you may have an affinity for playing online. While we don't offer any betting services of our own, does display advertisements from time to time, and linkage to real online casinos, which offer bets. We want to make it clear none of these links are ever an endorsement of said casino, or a call to action for any one of our visitors. We value you because you're like us, you're a fan of the game. You can value us because we are like you, players up against the casino, and as such it's in our best interests to help you out, and not the casino. Occasionally there may be reviews written by's staff concerning an online casino; these too can not be considered endorsements but usually contain in self-explanatory language what we feel the level of quality and trustworthiness of said casino is. In this instance and only this instance should you feel any need to listen to what we say with regards to where you should play or not play online, and even then, we are not an authority and we do make mistakes, so please don't hold us responsible if we give a casino a good review and you lose there or have problems with them. Always research and review every online casino you play at, before you play at them.

But on to more fun stuff. Craps is the most exciting, fastest, and most thrilling game in the casino, without exception. That's probably why you're here, but whether you're an expert or looking into craps for the first time you've come to the right place. Besides the rules and regulations, offers some advanced strategy, betting tips, and a look at the advantages and disadvantages of online play. We also show you some excellent destinations if you want to bet on the net. Craps are a fun time online or off, which is easy to find out for yourself as many sites on the net offer free games to practice your skills on. We ourselves offer a small array of downloadable shareware and freeware craps games, and an in browser no download free craps game for you to enjoy.

Craps is often considered a very confusing game by beginners, simply because of the multitude of places to bet available on the table. Since the amount and payout of those bets vary, many modern players have abandoned the game to concentrate on simpler, less confusing games. If this sounds like you, get prepared to be introduced in a simple, non-confusing manner to the wonderful world of craps. Unlike any other game in the casino, you can walk up to a craps game and fell like you're walking into a little personal one table party. Hoots and hollers are often heard from beyond the pass lines, high fives exchanged, pats on the back, and many a soft blow on the dice of the shooter. These factors are unique to casino craps, and are a part of the exciting nature of the game. You're on the same team as the players around you in craps, which is why it's so popular in North America, where everyone loves a sporting game and teammates. The nature of online craps is a little different of course, but the spirit remains the same.

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